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For the last six years Pop17 has been committed to creating web videos about the stories behind tech entrepreneurs as they grow and launch small business. We started in Silicon Alley in New York City and expanded to Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, where we serve students in after-school programming about multimedia and technology. Technology innovation defines our times and we must ensure that young people from the existing communities have an on ramp to these new trends and opportunities.

Problem/ Solution:

The reality, however, for many young people is the opposite. Youth of color living in poverty have graduation rates below sixty percent. These same youth face the highest rates of adjudication and incarceration. This population has virtually a 1:1 ratio of moving into acute systems of care in the prison, social service and chronic health systems. There isn’t a clear bridge for the youth to connect with tech companies.

Pop17 Academy is the bridge between tech education healthy living curriculum for students in the San Francisco Bay Area. We encourage students in the Bay Area to sign up for classes supported by the YMCA computer lab, LifeFyre, MissionBit, and Out of Sight, by utilizing social media and community events. Students learn about skills necessary to make them the next tech CEO.

“Cyber bullying” is defined as tormenting, threatening, harassing, or embarrassing another person using the Internet or other technologies. For cyber bullying, there's no escape. Over 81% of young teens think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram monitor for abuses and have ways to quickly report an attack, but kids can be creative in their ways to circumvent bullying countermeasures. Cyber bullying leads to real violence and real consequences.

That is why we are encouraging our teens to use their creativity to tell us their own stories. Through our Cyber Bullying Video Contest, teens enter their stories and we learn how cyber bullying has affected them. Empowering our teens to be the influences in their community to help change and stop the torment of cyber bullying is just the start. By continuing the contest, we are growing our youths voice and letting them be proactive and inclusive when it comes to the digital lives of their community.

We also built anti cyber bullying software using Plexi NLP APIs and our own sentiment analysis to detect harassing sentences as they are being typed. It's an extension for chrome, but through our design curriculum we hope to work with our students to refine the front end. Our software is the winner of Hackdance, a celebrity studded Hackathon award. Our research is non-profit and backed by the Global Impact Fund as well as our partnership with the University of Utah to eliminate cyber bullying through the Plexi Natural Language Processing platform.



Learning how to code is an important skill that can help build logical thinking, which is an important skill that is in most school systems, but still serves an incredibly important purpose in our lives. Coding appears to be the latest education trend, and while 9 out of ten U.S. high schools don’t offer computer programming, professionals are recognizing a need for more computer programmers in the job field. 

To encourage students to code, we’re announcing the first ever Hackathon that will bring high school students together to experience the hackathon format. Giving the students hands on experience with developers and designers to get excited about computer science. And like any Hackathon the students have opportunity to hack and compete for prizes!



Our goal is to register 150 student developers to build apps and compete for prizes. We’ll be offering cash prizes and sponsor prizes.


Pop17 is the bridge between tech education healthy living curriculum. If you’re interested in our executive press kit and more information please email

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